Denied Insurance Claims

Have you been denied an insurance claim? While this can be extremely frustrating you shouldn’t lose hope. Just because your claim was denied the first time, doesn’t always mean you aren’t entitled to insurance benefits.

At Life Matters Claims, your claim is our priority. We support you every step of the way to provide you with peace of mind throughout your claims process.

Why was my insurance claim denied?

Insurance claims are declined for many reasons.

Often a claim is rejected because of a misunderstanding of insurance terminology. Life Matters Claims’ Founder Kate, says ‘Sometimes our clients don’t understand how important wording is and they’ll write something down not realising this will affect their claim.’

There are a variety of small technicalities such as this that can be used to deny your claim. Often it will all come down to the wording in the terms and conditions. Without a clear understanding of your entitlements, it is difficult to argue against a rejected claim and receive the full amount that is owed to you.

Can I ask an insurer to review my claim?

You have every right to ask an insurer to review your claim if you have new evidence to add to your claim. At Life Matters Claims we can help you collect this relevant evidence and argue your claim for you.

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